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Terri Ledbetter, Daughter of Janice Steele


Angels came on Thursday, May 14, 2015 to take my precious daughter, Terri, home to be with our Heavenly Father. She was age 43 with special needs and lived at home with me and my husband.

Terri died suddenly without warning. On the day before her death she had gone to the workshop for Special Needs and Disabilities like she did every day. We had an appointment to have our hair highlighted that afternoon. She was her usual happy self. She cut up with the girls and danced her last dance with Debbie.

We met my husband for dinner after leaving the Hair Salon. Terri was always excited about eating out and enjoyed her meal immensely. When we arrived home she took her medications and went to bed like any other night. Shortly after going to bed, she came downstairs, “Momma, my stomach hurts.” It wasn’t unusual for her to complain of a stomach ache so I gave her an Aleve.

The next morning I climbed the stairs like I did every morning to give her a bath. I would always wake her with, “Rise and Shine,” but this morning would not be like any other. I found her face down in her pillow. I rushed to the bed and rolled her over. She was gone. My heart sank to my feet. In an instance my world was shattered – forever changed.

Terri’s primary care physician seems to think she had a heart attack, probably the result of the medications she took for so long.

Words do not exist to describe the shock I felt in the months following Terri’s death. I was in a daze and felt numb. I cried constantly and exhaustion was my ever present companion. My only relief from the agonizing pain was sleep. Incredible sadness overwhelmed me. 

God blessed me with the most wonderful daughter imaginable – so special and loving. I will live every day for the rest of my live waiting to see her again in Heaven. It is my greatest honor to be her mother.

The New Road Support Group has made such a difference in my life. To be on the same journey with other people who have experienced child loss gives me hope. I no longer feel so alone.

I invite you to join us in our regular monthly meetings or online in our blog. You don’t have to travel this road of unimaginable

grief alone. 

Janice Steele

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