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Candle Lighting Service 2019

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Our support group sponsored it's third Candle Lighting Service on Sunday, December 1, at Immanuel Baptist Church. It was another beautiful and meaningful service. It means so much to us to remember our children in such a special way with family and friends during the Christmas Holidays. Because we set aside time just for our children, it makes it easier for us as we move forward with the Christmas Season.

Over 100 people attended this year's service. Debbie Dunn, a faithful member and wonderful floral designer, decorated the sanctuary and the social hall. As always, it was breathtakingly beautiful. The altar table held a large white flower arrangement and was surrounded with a multitude of lit candles of varying heights. The table was flanked on each side with white columns holding additional lit candles. Tall white candles burned in each of the stained-glassed windows. The glow of all of those candles was magnificent.

The service was so touching. As guests were seated, David Faulkenberry and his wife Katy, a guitar and French horn duet, played several selections. The serene mood continued as scripture readings were interspersed with music. Mark Blackmon opened the service with Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place. Next Terry Robinson read scripture and was followed by Rev. Kenneth Cauthen singing acapella I Won't Complain. Adam Biggs read from "Of the Passing of the First Born" in The Souls of Black Folk (1903) by W. E. B. Dubois. Kevin Cauthen composed a song for his niece who had passed away titled A Song for Lauren. It brought tears to my eyes as he sang and played the guitar. Next Mary Williams read scripture.

The lights were dimmed and Shelly Holder led the candle lighting part of the service. Dressed in a white robe she began with a humbling message of encouragement and hope for the congregation. The church was quiet and reverent as the flame was passed from person to person. Each name was clearly heard as it was called. Choir bells hummed in the back ground as each candle was lit. After the candles were extinguished Debbie Dunn read a heartwarming poem We Remember Them from Gates of Prayer, Judaism Prayer book. The soundtrack of Be Strong by the Heritage Singers rang out across the sanctuary and Janice Steele closed the service by inviting parents who had lost a child to attend our monthly support group meetings.

A reception followed in the church social hall. A fresh white floral arrangement of hydrangea with a tall lantern and burning white candle was the foal point of the memorial table where we displayed pictures of our deceased children.

I was so disappointed when I was unable to upload the video of the service. I even took the CD to a computer geek hoping he could help me. He said the files were corrupted. I

truly hope you can attend next year's service. It is such a blessing.

Janice Steele

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