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Broken yet Still Beating

Broken yet Still Beating – Emily R. Long

At our October meeting Janice Steele read the article Broken yet Still Beating. Emily shares her heartbreaking story of losing her fiancé and baby daughter within mere months of each other. She recalls waking up one morning wondering how her heart was still beating – “I could feel my heart beating in my chest and I felt confused, How could my heart still beat without them?” For years she woke up puzzled by the ability of her heart to beat when she felt so broken and numb.

I know many of you wonder how your heart can go on when your child dies. But beat it does, even against our will. In the early days after my daughter died I begged God to let me die. I couldn’t imagine living without my precious daughter.

Emily explains how our heart continues to beat even when our heart is broken. It comes from the human spirit. “We are resilient beings.” She believes we are resilient because we continue to love the ones we love the most even when they die. Love never dies and “the human spirit is about hope.”

“Hope of finding beauty in the broken pieces.”

“Hope of light igniting in the darkness.”

“Hope of crawling out of the pit of grief to watch the sun rise again.”

Grief isn’t pretty and healing is truly a fight for life. “But there is always hope to be found in the beating of our hearts.”

Janice Steele

There is always hope to be found in the beating of our hearts!

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