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My name is Debbie Dunn, my son Brad died September 19, 2013. Over the course of five years I have had the support of best friends, our church family, medicine and counseling. All the above were my life support during this time, but something was missing. Everyone loved and care about our family and tried to understand what we were going through.

It was not until Janice and Doc Steele formed this group for PARENTS who have lost a child that I felt true healing had begun.

This support group is NOT counseling. It is once a month when we get together to be with other parents – learning through short programs about stages of  grief and the battery of life lessons along the way – but mostly sharing our experiences with no judgement – having time to talk with people on this same terrible journey.

The beauty of this is NO one must share – you do not even have to talk – we learn from listening. There is NO judging anyone and what is discussed together is not going public.

There are books you can take home if you wish and after the meetings we have light refreshments. This is the time you can talk about anything that you possibly didn’t feel like sharing during the meeting.

I encourage all parents, WHEN YOU ARE READY and - only you will know - to join us the first Tuesday of each month in the Immanuel Baptist Church Office Building. GRAB THIS LIFELINE!  If you can't join us in person, please join us online--we'd love to have you!

Debbie Dunn

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